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High Strength Fine Spray Adhesive

High Temperature Resistance

Non-Methylene Chloride


Dries Clear and Flexible


Reduces Telegraphing

Sprays Easily and Smoothly

No HAPs, Low VOC

At Westech, our efforts are focused on producing high quality, industrial strength adhesives. We sell our products in a wide variety of markets at a competitive price. With a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and years of industry experience, we continue to develop new products and applications to serve our current and future customers.

Westech’s HSEA spray adhesive was specifically designed to provide permanent bonding of materials for a variety of applications.

1.Bonds (HPL) plastic laminates to wood or particleboard Bonds upholstery to metal

Radius edgebanding 3.Automotive headliners

Westech’s self contained, environmentally friendly, portable canister system was designed for ease of use.The canister, equipped with a reusable hose and gun, eliminates the need for air-assisted adhesive application systems.

This approach significantly reduces worker set up and general maintenance timeK fts portability enables you to apply adhesive in your facility as well as on the job site.This product is available in handheld aerosol cans, 9 lb., 27lb. and 135 lb. canisters.

HSEA provides a fast tacking, strong, permanent and waterproof bond.

• High Tensile Strength • Fine Spray for Smooth Application

• High Temperature Resistance Level of Bonding • Ample Peel Strength

Technical Data

Westech HSEA product is formulated as a non-methylene chloride, high strength/temperature, and low VOC solvent-based adhesive for industrial use.

Technical Data:

• Contains NO chlorinated solvents • VOC content <80 grams per liter

Performance Features:

• Low VOC levels for use in any location • Simple clean up with Westech AR Adhesive Remover

• Formulated for rapid application

• Bond will hold in the presence of both heat and humidity

• Applies easily and adheres to various substrates

Safety Recommendations:

Vapors may be harmful to health. Keep away from children. Use only in well ventilated areas or use respiratory protection. The product MSDS should be read and understood before use. Eye protection is required. This product is flammable. Keep away from fire or flame.

Recommended Usage:

Westech HSEA is especially formulated to be a high strength, high temperature industrial adhesive applicable to a variety of substrates. This adhesive is suitable for use in many different industries such as woodworking, furniture, high pressure laminates, edgebanding, marine, RV, automotive headliners, upholstery and construction, just to name a few.

Prior to use, a small test patch should be sprayed to evaluate substrate compatibility. This product may degrade some thin plastics and filmsK pome of the materials epbA will effectively bond include: plastic laminate, edge banding, automotive headliners, glass, particle board, felt, paper products carpet duct insulation steel aluminum molded fiberglass wood urethane foam and many other materials.

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